Minggu, 19 Agustus 2018

Fanda wears Hagia Kyori

Hi... today Fanda from Solo Indonesia wears Hagia Kyori, a practical Jilbab from Jilbab Meidiani.

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Fanda wears Hagia Olina

Today Fanda is wearing Hagia Olina.

I like the way it makes me feel refreshed! It is simple to wear, even for a newbie hijaber.

Hagia Olina is an instant hijab, no pin or needles needed. just put it on.

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Fanda wears Hagia Kimora

Meet Fanda, a Meidiani lover from Solo Indonesia.

She wears jilbab Meidiani since the beginning around 2011. I like the look, the feel, and the confidence they bring!

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